Friday, August 20, 2010

Why do people leave their computers on all day?

I have noticed that many people leave their computers on all day for some reason. I would like to know why and if its better or worse for the computer than to just turn it off. Also, is it more efficient to leave it on?

Anyway, the only thing I would like to know is why do many people leave their computers on all day and if you are one of them, why?

Why do people leave their computers on all day?downloads

This question comes up a great deal..

My typical answer is below....

Since your ''house'' could be a boat in Hong Kong harbour powered with a diesel generator, or a house trailer outside Phoenix Arizona

at a mean temperature of 85 f., each situation is different, and

anyone who follows a '' RULE '' is not thinking clearly...



Does it damage your computer in anyway to leave it on all the time and NEVER turn it off?

I really get a kick out of the ''debate'' which has raged on for

years about this topic... it is actually funny.

There are two factions, both well represented here:

1/ your motors in the harddrive and CDs and fans are wearing

out the bearings, and the capacitors are drying out and losing

tolerances, the resistors are losing tolerances from generating

heat, the CRT is loosing its tolerances and burning out the

Computers & the Wii?

We are pulling our hair out trying to connect my grandsons Wii to the internet. The router we are using is a Livebox by Orange-Wannadoo..We have a laptop connecting a O.K, But the Wii will not connect.Have done all the right things, wep nu to allow access, but everytime the message comes back that its locked.Speaking to Wannadoo about this was a waste of space, i don't think they understands there own product, In bearly understandable English he came up with the old Acorn that the computers were down, whats that got to do with some advice i don't know..Anybody out there with the intelligence to sort this problem out...We did turn off the firewire whilst trying to connect, any suggestions would be appreciated. Dave

Computers %26 the Wii?ducati

Hi, good answer from the guy abve, he's the only one who really knows what he's talking about apart from me of course and what is the first guy on about with $200 for a wireless bridge. I got mine for 拢25.

I haven't got a Wii but I have got a 360 which connects wirelessly. Wii comes with wireless as standard I believe.

First thing is make sure that your router is set up as a dchp server although if you are clever you can work round this. DCHP is easiest as it alocates an IP address automatically when you try to connect.

On your Wii also ensure that in network setting (If it's like my xbox) that it is aslo set up to obtain IP and DNS address automatically.

Computers when we reach the singularity?

If and when, although I'm defiantly leaning towards when, computers reach super intelligence and are able to refine their own code, will they become smart enough to solve any question given to them, from solving faster than light speed travel to human immortality. I read that this will happen around 2020. does anyone know anything in depth about this or agree that they will be able to solve anything. I am kinda wanting the living for a very long time one, maybe a few thousand years, more if possible. But this is not unreasonable from a super intelligence above our own is it?

Computers when we reach the singularity?firewall

A computer will never understand who you are.

But you can!

Computers when we reach the singularity?husqvarna

Do not believe the marketing hype.

Cpmputers are not going to reach some sort of discontinuity in development - its impossible. Some marketing geek obviously heard of singularities and spouted off without actually understanding a word he was talking about.

And we will never travel faster than light - it is a fundamental law of the universe. No amount of cleverness will overcome it.
Are you my long lost Twin Brother? :-)

DVD formats for computers?

I'm aware of PAL, SECAM and NTSC formats for DVD players. But do such formats exist for computers?

For instance, if I burn a NTSC formatted DVD onto a blank dvd disc, am I capable of playing it on a computer or DVD player in Europe which plays PAL or SECAM? If not, how can I resolve this?


DVD formats for computers?free adware remover

Computers will play all formats. ~

You just need playing software that does it. Try PowerDVD.

I would like to connect my kids computers to my main computer so they can access the broad band?

I have run cat 5 cable between the two computers %26 the router. as wirless does not work well in this old house. But I need to know what to do next. I am using BT broadband with a bt hub. How do I go about configuring the computers so that the broad band works %26 the kids can share my printer. My main computer is on Windows XP %26 so is my daughters . But my son's is on ME

I would like to connect my kids computers to my main computer so they can access the broad band?free antivirus download

First of all you should connect each computer to the router not to one another. If you do this broadband should be available on each computer without any configuration. As far as sharing your printer - make sure all computers have the same workgroup name. On each computer right click on My Computer %26gt; Properties %26gt; Open the Computer Name tab - click on Change and set all the Workgroup names to be the same. Now on the computer that has the printer attached goto Control Panel %26gt; Printers %26 Faxes %26gt; Select the printer - Right click and select the sharing options. Good luck.

Who dares wins.

I would like to connect my kids computers to my main computer so they can access the broad band?internet security

OK it sounds like you are almost there. First make sure that all of the computers (2-XP and 1-ME computer) are attached to the router only and not to each other with the CAT5 cables.

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  • Why does it seem that Christians think computers are bad?

    I'm not saying all christians are against computers, but I was reading this cartoon by Chick Publications called ''The Beast'' and it said that computers and the internet will aid ''The Beast'' in conquering the world. And today, I was listening to a christian TV show that said that this guy had a huge computer in his house, and the christian neighbor asked ''What can you do with it?'' or ''What is it worth''?....

    Do they think computers are going to aid the Beast or are they evil?

    Why does it seem that Christians think computers are bad?free antivirus

    Ah Chick. ROFL!!!! He's the one that put out a pamphlet that claimed witches really do fly on brooms. At one time, some Christians were putting out that the WWW for world wide web, was actually 666 in disguise. These are the people who have a lot of time on their hands and over-active imaginations.

    Why does it seem that Christians think computers are bad?internet

    I consider myself a christian, and i love my computer. Does that make me bad, or am i not a true christian? I think that cartoon's author is wrong, don't read it anymore. If the cartoon is sending out messages that are bias to the authors own opinions, it is not worth reading. Honestly I am not sure about what the 'rules' are to be a christian. But I am sure that it doesn't mean you have to hate computers! My Lutheran church uses computers daily, they even has their own website:

    I ordered a computer from cherry-computers,wired money via western union,now i cant access web page?

    has anyone ever ordered a product from cherry-computers?I feel like i just lost 900 dollars

    I ordered a computer from cherry-computers,wired money via western union,now i cant access web page?free spyware remover

    you probably lost your money

    I ordered a computer from cherry-computers,wired money via western union,now i cant access web page?ktm

    here is thier 1-800 number


    here's the link to their homepage where the phone number is listed.

    Also, you have your Western Union receipt, should something not be right about this.

    I hope everything turns out alright.

    Good Luck!
    lol when someone asks you to send money via Western Union it's probably a scam..i did whois on that domain..try calling that number

    550 Burrard Street, Suite 200

    Vancouver, BC

    V6C 2B5, CA


    p.s. Sandra Dee and are two different sites..

    yep it's a scam..

    also read

    sorry but you lost your money...